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The Buddy program aims at helping the arriving international students feel welcomed and integrate with their new life in the Netherlands and at the University of Twente.

After registering for this programme as an International arriving student, you get matched to either a Dutch student or another international student that has been enrolled at the university and has been living in the Netherlands for more than 6 months. This student will be your “Buddy” for the next six months which is the duration of an edition.

Throughout the duration of the edition, activities are been organised by the board of this program which includes events with aim of getting familiar with the Dutch culture, visiting Dutch cities, exchanging cultures, playing games and enjoying some typical Dutch winter events. Most of the events are free of charge or may require a small fee just for confirmation of your attendance.

So if you’re looking for a fun international and Dutch environment on campus, feel free to sign up for for the September 2020 edition below and you will get matched to a Buddy at the end of the kick-in week and will be invited to the first event of the Buddy program.

Any questions about the Buddy program? Please contact buddy@union.utwente.nl. 

Are you in need of help with getting your groceries because you are in self-quarantine?

We offer the Buddy Grocery service, a buddy will help you with getting the groceries you need: