6 May 2019 16.45 hour - 18.30 hour

SUAS Q4 - Session 1: Straight to the Core

Don’t believe the happiness hype. Life is hard. Especially when you’re a student. Expectations from others and –much worse- from yourself. Not a clue what to do with your life, usually. And you’re broke most of the time, both in terms of money and time. The question is not so much: how do I build a life successfully, but how do I become more happy with the life I already lead? How to prioritize? Who matters and who shouldn’t? What matters most? What makes my face light up? We’ll show you. And then your life will be more simple. And more satisfying. Promise.

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Don't forget to take a pencil and paper to the session.

DesignLab - INFORM
6 May 2019 16.45 hour - 18.30 hour