14 February 2024 19.30 hour - 21.30 hour

Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival

The Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival is proud to present the six semi-finalists of the AKF Sonneveld Prize 2024. Surprises guaranteed, experiments tolerated, those who visit the AKF will undoubtedly be presented with an adventurous evening of theater! The candidates may be unknown now, but so were their AKF predecessors Claudia de Breij, Van der Laan and Woe, Pieter Derks, Yentl and de Boer and Stefano Keizers.

This performance is unfortunately only performed in Dutch.

Vrijhof - Amphitheater
14 February 2024 19.30 hour - 21.30 hour
Understanding Dutch is recommended when visiting this event