2 March 2024 20.00 hour - 22.30 hour

Try-out Collaboration Concert SHOT and HOT

SHOT or HOT? Or both? Come listen and get to know the answer!

At the beginning of March Student Wind Orchestra Twente (SHOT) and Wind Orchestra Twente (HOT) will have a collaboration concert.

HOT is a wind orchestra existing since 2004 and is under the direction of Joop Boerstoel. This orchestra wants to play at the highest level of music possible, but it also wants to be a core group of friends. Last October, HOT participated at the Hanzefestival in Rijssen and won the prize for ‘Best performance in terms of music’. SHOT is the student wind orchestra of the University of Twente which has yearly performances in and around Twente and it is under the direction of Ronny Buurink. Besides, the orchestra travels to foreign countries for a concours once every two years. Last year, the orchestra won the ONHK in the first division. This year SHOT will participate in another concours on the 9th of March in Zutphen. This collaboration concert is the try-out.

Before the break HOT will take us on a journey through France in the piece Voyages arranged by Marcel Peeters. Next, they will play a varied program with only French titles, such as Homage of Jan van der Roost and the more famous Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves) of Joseph Kosma and Alfred Reed. One piece is written for a twelfth year jubilee, but another piece is about love. HOT will end their part of the evening with a grandiose march: Marche Gammatique and a French song Et Maintentant or What Now My Love arranged by Pascal Devroye.

After the break SHOT will play their concours music pieces. First, Danse Funambulesque by Jules Strens written for wind orchestra by Gert Buitenhuis will be played. This piece is about a tightrope walker who tries to balance as well as possible on the tightrope. More calming parts are interrupted by parts which bring the tightrope walker almost completely out of balance. Secondly, SHOT shall play Rapsodia Hernandiana written by Santiago Quinto Serna. This piece is a tribute to the Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez. It consists of multiple parts which are inspired by the poets of Miguel Hernandez and his short tragic life. 

Come to hear the beautiful sounds of HOT and SHOT!

- the location will follow soon -

2 March 2024 20.00 hour - 22.30 hour