Announcement UT elections

From 10 to 14 June, you can once again take part in the student elections for the University Council and Faculty Councils. This is your chance to make your voice heard and influence issues that really matter to your study and student life.

Why is voting important?
Your voice is crucial for strong student representation. This is the only way you can make a difference and strengthen the position of students at the UT. By participating in the elections, you choose who best represents your interests in areas such as good education, better student housing and student facilities that you need for an optimal study experience.

What do the University Council and Faculty Councils do?
They are the main participation bodies within your university. They actively advocate for various issues such as improved education, expansion of study places, increasing student well-being and social safety. These councils play a crucial role by critically assessing the policies of both the Executive Board and Faculty Boards. They take initiatives themselves and make proposals to strengthen the position of students. Their commitment is essential for a better and more inclusive university community. Click on the link for more information on participation.

Who deserves your vote?
Curious about the faces behind the campaigns? On our election page, you can find out more about the candidates for the University Council and Faculty Councils. Take a look, get to know them and find out who best represents your ideals.

How can you vote?
On Monday 10 June 2024, you will receive an e-mail from the polling station with a link to the voting programme. 

For questions and/or comments, please contact central-elections@utwente.nl