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As a board member you have meant a great deal to the student community. It is not only important that you receive a financial compensation for this, but also that you get recognition for your work. This is why it is possible to apply for activism recognition. When you graduate, this will be supplemented to your diploma as a certificate. In this way, you can demonstrate to future employers that you have spent at least 40 weeks working for a student organisation.

Your certificate is issued by the board of the University of Twente: the Executive Board. The evaluation committee consists of Thom Palstra (Rector Magnificus), Mark Weirath (Head Culture & Events), Charlotte Röring (Study advisor Business Administration), and Sjoerd Brüggenwirth (Portfolio manager Academic Competencies).


Still doubtful about whether you are eligible for this certificate? Contact us in order to be sure.

Procedure and guidelines

When you meet these conditions, you have the opportunity to apply for an activism recognition. It is wise to read the procedure beforehand. It explains the entire application process. In the guidelines, you can find more information about the manner in which you have to submit the application.


Is your reflection report finished? Then it is ready to be send to us. Before your report is sent to the assessment committee, it is reviewed by the pre-selection committee (VSC). The VSC helps you to attain the right reflection level for the assessment committee. If you find it difficult to reflect, you can always contact the VSC so that they can help you out! The VSC consists of six students: Hans David Wendt, Lotte Hazeleger, Janique Westerbeek, Nynke de Vries, Femke Witmans, Tijmen Vlogman and Bauke Morra.

Almost graduating?

The time has come! You have (almost) got your Bachelor’s – or Master’s in your pocket. When your activism recognition has been approved, you can send us an email. We will ensure that you are proud owner of your certificate!


If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact activisme-erkenning@union.utwente.nl!