Training agency- Buro winners


Buro Winners has been training students boards for more than 15 years on the campus of the University of Twente. They have developed a set of the most important models and tools with which boards can enhance their skills in the areas of effective influencing, convincing, mind-set, delegating, and time management. At the start of the training they select, together with our board, the most relevant models and tools so that the training as closely matches your board environment as possible.

Buro Winners is run by Huub Schulte Fischedick, alumnus from the UT. He is familiar with the campus and the student life. After the training by Huub you and your board will be more decisive, and view your work at a distance with a smile from the beautiful and sometimes difficult aspects of being a board member. 



Do you and your board want to learn how to:

  • create the correct mind-set that you need as a board member to be more effective?
  • include members and committees in ideation, or make them more active?
  • guide committee members to do what you expect of them?
  • give support to create changes you want to see within the association?
  • delegate effectively, as it is easier to do something yourself than explain what needs to be done?
  • manage your time so that you have time for important business, the long term and for making a difference in your association?

If you recognize one or more of the aforementioned aspects, then a training in leadership is a good investment.


Does your board find it difficult to:

  • Come to decisions quickly, especially during board meetings?
  • Deal with differences in commitment from between members?
  • Give good feedback to one another, and use this feedback to make positive changes?
  • Effectively utilize one another’s qualities and talents?

If you recognize one or more of the aforementioned aspects, then a training in effective communication is a good investment.