Activism Recognition Part-time Board


Still doubtful about whether you are eligible for this certificate? Contact us in order to be sure

Procedure and guidelines

When you meet these conditions, you have the opportunity to apply for an activism recognition. Before you start writing, read the procedure and the guidelines. In the procedure, the entire application process is explained. In the guidelines, you can find how the application should be written.

Is your reflection report finished? Then it is ready to be sent to us. Use the button below, under the header “Handing in your report”, to send the report to us.

form to hand in reflection report

When your reflection report is finished, you can use the button below to send your report to us. On this form, you should also indicate what kind of activism recognition you are applying for. Your report will be read and judged by the Activism recognition Committee (AC). The AC consists of five students: Rick Witbreuk, Charlotte Smit, and Dominique Westerveld.

Receiving the activism recognition

When your report has been approved, the certificate will be printed and signed by the Student Union and the Rector Magnificus. Therefore, it will take several weeks after the approval, before you can collect the certificate. As soon as your certificate is ready, the AC will contact you to make an appointment with you to collect your recognition certificate.


If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact activisme-erkenning@union.utwente.nl!