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Financial help in case of study delay

Certain circumstances can determine that you will have some delay in completing your study. Luckily, de University of Twente offers in some cases financial support, which can help you finishing your study as soon as possible. The university also calls this Financial Support Special Circumstances of Students, also called FOBOS. We have some subsidies as well, for students with nice initiatives, for student board members and associations.

Activism grants

If your committee or board have caused you delay in your study programme, it is possible to request an activism grant. Keep in mind an activism grant cannot be guaranteed in every case of student activism. Contact the current board of the association you will start working for or mail us to find out if your efforts will pay off with this grant.  

Talent in sports or performing arts

Not just active students can receive a grant, but also when you are highly talented in sports or performing arts you can get study delay. For this reason special grants will help you to combine these talents with studying.

Force Majeure Allowance

Hopefully it will not happen to you, but it is possible that through sudden circumstances you need to slow down your study pace. Physical or mental problems such as an unexpected pregnancy or the death of someone close to you, are examples of reasons that can cause study delay too. In this case, the university has got special regulations.