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Activism Monitor

The activism monitor is a tool to yearly map the student activities in Enschede. The results of this monitor can be found on this page.

Results 2020

In this second edition of the Activism monitor, 80 student organizations have contributed which is a relative high response rate. With this information, we as the Student Union can shape of good image of the current student Activism in Enschede. What of course has to be taken into account is the current Covid-19 situation, which can have an influence.

There are interesting conclusions that can be drawn from this data. The most popular form of activism in Enschede consists out of a few hours per week over a longer period of time, this is also how most sectors keep their organisation running.  The percentage of active students in study associations has increased, a lot of first years are active here. More students have joined a sports association, whereas activism here has dropped by 5%. The world sector has a high amount of international members, who are almost al from outside of Europe. The amount of activism at the world sector was hard to determine, as there were not enough respondents here. The culture sector has a relative high percentage of active internationals in comparison with other sectors. Still, in most sectors active international students are represented less compared to the percentage that is enrolled in that sector.

But how are these conclusions relevant to you? Have a look at the overall results and compare this to your own organization. By doing this, you might find certain results that are striking to you, in which you as organization differ from the overall results. See whether you can get advice from other organizations or whether you might be able to give advice to other organizations. By doing this, we hope that all of us can make the active student community even better! Please note, all organizations have individual goals and characteristics, so differences doesn’t directly imply that something should be changed.