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Activism Monitor

The activism monitor is a tool to yearly map the student activities in Enschede. The results of this monitor can be found on this page.

Activism Monitor Report
Activism Monitor Report 2019

Results 2019

In this years’ report, 53 organizations responded. For the first issue we are satisfied with this, even though we hoped it would be more. Next year the survey with improved user-friendliness will hopefully attract more respondents.

There are a few interesting conclusions that can be taken from this data. Firstly, that the percentages of active international members are still about half as high as the percentage of international students in associations (figure 5). So even though the UT-community does a lot of effort to get international students involved, these students are not involved as well as national students in the associations. Secondly, that while the study sector has the most members on average per association, the social sector has the most active members per association (figure 3 and 4). Thirdly, a trend was discovered that shows that the bigger an association becomes, the smaller their percentage of active members is (figure 6).

From the data, we have formulated a few recommendations. First of all is to host a training on how to involve international students in your association. This will be taken care of on the Board Day on the 9th of October. Furthermore, it is interesting to find out why certain groups of students don’t get active in certain sectors. For instance, why are there not that many international students member in the social sector and not that many active international students in all sectors (figure 3-5). Lastly, it occurred from figure 12 that first year students are most often part of a committee in the category “Fun events”, followed by “Educational travel/events” and “Kick-In” (figure 12). By having more fun events committees, it might be easier to get first year students involved at your association and later on get them to do more committees at your association.