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Board Minor

We are happy to announce that from now on, it is possible to do a board minor! This minor will be a great opportunity for students to personally develop themselves even more during a board year and it is also a great way to reflect upon and improve the governance of the organization!

We have found a very enthusiastic teacher, Martin Rosema, who has created and will start this board minor (as a pilot). For any questions you can join the online interest meeting on Wednesday the 11th of November, where he will be telling you more about the outline of the minor. In case you are wondering who can apply, it is for as well part-time and full-time board members. However, this year we do have a maximum of 24 students. So in case the amount of applications will be exceeded, a selection will be made based on motivation, course results obtained so far, level of student activism and nature of board member ship (priority to full-time board members). In case you will be succeeded by a student in February, it is also possible for your successor to sign up for this minor in November already, even though he/she will start its boardyear in February (in case your successor is already known). So please communicate this to them as well.

Minor overview