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More Than a Degree 

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The Student Union stimulates students to develop non-curricular competencies. Students have access to multiple events and services that help them get More Than A Degree during their studies. Below, you can find out more about the different elements of the More Than A Degree brand.

Every student who is involved in the student life of Enschede is, often without knowing it, involved with the More Than A Degree program. The program can be divided into four phases, these phases provide space for the development of many different competencies, which are described here.

  1. Being not (yet) active
  2.   Small activism
  3.  Big activism
  4. Activism ambassador


The Student Union facilitates the development of competencies for students in various phases. For example, as a student you can participate in the YER Development Track or a Kroegcollege, regardless of the phase of the More Than A Degree program in which you find yourself.

Big activism activities receive special attention within the Student Union through the Board Improvement Program. This program consists of a pre-board training, a board workshop, a board weekend, activism recognition, and the Board Sharing Sessions. More information can be found on the webpage of the Board Improvement Program.

The University of Twente, in cooperation with the Student Union, provides financial support for several forms of activism. For more information on these FOBOS activism grants visit this webpage.


To stimulate competence development outside the curriculum, the Student Union informs students about More Than A Degree and promotes activism with for example activities. Think of for example the More Than A Degree – Info Market which is organised every year in the spring. This is a very suitable opportunity to orientate and inform about possible ways to become active!

The Student Union also recognises the importance and appreciation for activism at the More Than A Degree Awards. Every year the students who have delivered exceptional achievements for or in the student culture of Enschede are put in the spotlight.

Board Improvement Program
Activism Grant
YER development track
Negotiation Workshop
MTAD - Info Market
More Than A Degree Awards