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Portfolio holder Sports and culture

Alies is responsible for the future of the sports and culture facilities at the University of Twente. In cooperation with the Sports Centre, the Vrijhof Culture & Events, the Sports Umbrella Twente and Apollo, her job is to maintain the facilities and improve them where possible. This will foster an environment in which students can fully enjoy sports and culture both with their association as well as individually!

Large projects such as acquiring a new sports hall or gym also fall under the Sports & Culture portfolio. Alies is responsible for the UnionCard and the cooperation with Saxion University and ArtEZ. In order to bring benefits to all students, the position also involves a lot of contact with external parties such as the Twente Ice-rink, Aquadrome, the City Theatre and Enschede’s Music Centre. 

Alies ter Lingen

Study: Biomedical Engineering
Active at: U.M.D. Divide et Medica, T.C. Ludica, S.V. Paradoks
Comes from: Haarlem, the Netherlands
E-mail: a.c.terlingen@utwente.nl

In the fifth grade of high school I decided that I wanted to study Biomedical Engineering, which was only possible in Eindhoven and in Enschede. When I got to know the UT through the Open Days and the student-for-a-day program, I was actually sold immediately. The passionate students, the approachability of the teachers and the nice atmosphere and all the nature on campus attracted me enormously. Hence, over three years ago I moved from Haarlem to the far east called Enschede. I have never regretted this choice, even though I was the only one from my high school that was going to study here.


The summer before I started my studies I moved into my room in a fun, mixed student house close to the Oude Markt. Then the Kick-In started, I had a very nice doegroup with enthusiastic fellow kiddos, parents, uncles and aunts. During the Kick-In I got to know everything about Enschede's student life and after that I was sure that this is going to be the time of my life and I am going to get as much out of it as possible, also outside of my studies.


During my first year, I started doing a number of committees at the study association and I became a member of the rowing association D.R.V. Euros. In addition, I became active in a ‘dispuut’ for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine students: U.M.D. Divide et Medica. All this actually made me want to get even more engaged in activism in my second year. Therefore, I decided to also join T.C. Ludica, an association where I can still be found regularly. Furthermore, in my second year I started to get more involved in the improvement of my studies by participating in the Education Quality Committee of Biomedical Engineering. Besides that I became a Student Assistant to help out during lab practicals and to improve the cell biology education line. As a third year student, I committed to U.M.D. Divide et Medica by participating in the board, which I really enjoyed since I could give something back to my ‘dispuut’ while working together with some of my closest friends.


So from the beginning of my student life, I knew I wanted to become an active student. Therefore, the idea of doing a board year came to me early on. There is so much to do at and around the UT as a student, so I had plenty of choice. I liked the idea of contributing to this activism. After all, being a student is not all about studying, but also about undertaking a lot outside of your studies to develop yourself on an even broader level. With this in mind, I have chosen to happily take up the challenge and fully commit to improving the student life at the UT for our fellow students as a Student Union board member of the coming year.


I am sure I will gain a lot of experience the upcoming year by being involved in UT-wide policy, together with other student board members. As portfolio holder of Sports & Culture I am looking forward to being able to assist sports and cultural associations and to contribute to the Sports and Culture sectors in general. There are already many sports and cultural facilities at UT, but of course there is always room for improvement. So please contact me if you have any great ideas or if you notice something that could be improved. After all, we as the Student Union are here for you: the UT students!