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Portfolio holder Sports and Arts

Irene is responsible for the future of the sports and performing arts facilities at the University of Twente. In cooperation with the Sports Centre, the Vrijhof Culture & Events, the Sports Umbrella Twente and Apollo, her job is to maintain the facilities and improve them where possible. This will foster an environment in which students can fully enjoy sports and performing arts: both with their association as well as individually!

Large projects such as acquiring a new sports hall or gym also fall under the Sports & Culture portfolio. Irene is also responsible for the UnionCard and the cooperation with Saxion University and ArtEZ. In order to bring benefits to all students, the position also involves a lot of contact with external parties such as the Twente Ice-rink, Aquadrome, the City Theatre and Enschede’s Music Centre. 

About Irene van de Zande

Study: Applied Mathematics

Active at: W.S.G. Abacus, A.S.V. Taste, Pre-U

From: Ede

E-mail: i.g.vandezande@utwente.nl

In 2016 I moved to Enschede to study here. I ended up in a large, cosy, active and chaotic student house where I immediately felt at home. During the Kick-In, I took part in all activities from the activities early in the morning to the parties late at night. Because I wanted to experience everything and to participate everywhere, I immediately noticed that as a student in Enschede there is a lot to experience and that there are many different ways to become active.

From my first academic year, I have been active at my study association W.S.G. Abacus, where I was, among other things, the chairman of the lustrum committee. In my second year I also joined the student association A.S.V. Taste, because I wanted to get to know even more groups of students. Here I formed a year club and joined the ladies' sorority Mnemosyne. I also organized several activities and events from Taste. I have also been working at Pre-U for some time, where I am allowed to organize even more as coordinator of the Honours program. A paid job brings in a nice extra, but it more often feels like fun committee work than a real part-time job. Over the years I noticed that I really enjoy organizational work, which involves skills that are not a part of my study program.

This line from the Kick-In where I didn't want to miss anything continued until I wanted to be involved in everything. Last year I started my master's degree, but the prospect of only two more years here at the UT and in Enschede seemed a bit short to me. So I questioned myself, have I seen everything yet? Of course it is not possible to really learn about everything, but by doing a board year at the Student Union I will learn a lot and my agenda will be well filled! I myself am not affiliated with a sports or culture association, but as a Sports & Culture portfolio holder I am fully committed to these associations of the UT this year!