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Portfolio holder Sports and Arts

Femke is responsible for the future of the sports and performing arts facilities at the University of Twente. In cooperation with the Sports Centre, the Vrijhof Cultural Centre, the Sports Council and Apollo, her job is to maintain the facilities and improve them where possible. This will foster an environment in which students can fully enjoy sports and performing arts: both with their association as well as individually!

Large projects such as acquiring a new sports hall or gym also fall under the Sports & Culture portfolio. Femke is also responsible for the UnionCard and the cooperation with Saxion University and ArtEZ. In order to bring benefits to all students the position also involves a lot of contact with external parties such as the Enschede public library, the Twente Ice-rink, the City Theatre and Enschede’s Music Centre. 

About Femke de Gooijer

Study: Mechanical Engineering
Active at: Spooky
From: Wageningen
E-mail: f.j.degooijer[at]utwente.nl

About me, I'm 22 years old and originally I'm from Wageningen. When I chose for the study Biomedical Engineering, the choice to come to the cozy Twente was made without difficulty. In my first year I moved to a close student house, started a year club and joined Spooky. After different jobs, committees, sports classes and painting lessons I achieved, with pleasure, the finish of my bachelor.

For my master I wanted something else though, so I started with Mechanical Engineering. I started the first half year abroad, in Göteborg. To be an international student yourself is an experience I can recommend to everyone. Back in the Netherlands, I found a new adventure: the SU!

I'm looking forward to this year. Wat makes my portfolio special, is that I'm in constant contact with student. I think it's important for people to have fun, I love creativity and I like making people enthusiastic. I will use all of this to create a perfect year for Sports and Culture on our university.