9 October 2019 12.15 hour - 17.15 hour

Board Day

The annual Board Day will be held in the DesignLab on Wednesday 9 October from 12:15 until 17:15.


This free event organized by the Student Union and the Alumni Office is the perfect moment for your current board members to join multiple workshops. From function specific to more general like maintaining your work-life balance. During these workshops you have the opportunity to interact with experienced trainers and ask them about specific questions/situations you might have run into as a new board member.


For this Board Day we require every single board member to subscribe themselves through the form on the Student Union website: https://su.utwente.nl/en/forms/boardday/

Here you find the workshop details, you can indicate if you will join our free lunch before the workshops start and we would also like you to fill in suggestions for our trainers such that the workshops can be prepared more personally.


The deadline for subscribing to this event is Tuesday 2 October at 18:00


Below you can find a provisional program of the afternoon:


12:15 Start Free Lunch at the DesignLab (IDEATE)
12:45 Opening of the day by the Student Union, Alumni office and Designlab (IDEATE)
13:30 First round of workshops

  1. Chairman
  2. Internal Affairs
  3. A Healthy Work-Life Balance
  4. Working Together and Group Roles


14:30 Break

15:00 Second round of workshops

  1. External Affairs/Acquisition
  2. Treasurer
  3. Intercultural Communication
  4. A Healthy Work-Life Balance
  5. Working Together and Group Roles


16:00 Start of the drink

17:15 Closing of the Board Day

9 October 2019 12.15 hour - 17.15 hour
Free access