23 October 2019 09.30 hour - 17.00 hour

Besturendag Twente 2019

On the 23rd of October, the nineth edition of the 'Besturendag Twente' (Boardday Twente) will be organized. This is an event, organised by A.S.V. Taste, for all board members at the University of Twente. On this day, 60 board members will meet with 3 different companies.

This year, WIMM, Calco and the Ministry of Defense will give workshops. The goal of this day is to work together on inspiring cases from real companies, while developing your personal skills. You can find more information on the workshops and signing up on www.besturendagtwente.nl. If you have any questions, please make use of the contact details on the website.

Understanding and speaking Dutch is recommended for this event. Signing up is possible until October 10.

Jaargetijden Enschede
23 October 2019 09.30 hour - 17.00 hour
Free access
Understanding Dutch is recommended when visiting this event