7 June 2019 12.00 hour - 14.00 hour

Free lunch friday


Meet organizations in the Kennispark and discuss your career opportunities the monthly Free Lunch Friday! Discover together whether there is a match for an internship, traineeship or even a job.

About Leap

How do they make Pringles? How do they improve the effectiveness of medical inhalers? How can machine learning tell us why innovation projects fail? Why do our clients even care about innovation or exist at all? Welcome to the world of Leap. The Innovation Agency.

Success or failure of innovation depends on how it is embedded, in strategic terms, into the company philosophy. After all, only then will innovation become an innovative force. Only then will a culture be created in which innovation is not a one-off but the company’s driving force. We want to understand the company’s philosophy on innovation and link their activities with funding opportunities on regional, national and EU-level. In addition, we help companies with strategic advice and create strategic alliances.

Leap firmly believes every market offers space to companies that combine quality with passion. We combine quality with passion for technology and innovation, which made us one of the fastest growing organizations in our market. With more than 25 highly skilled employees divided over our offices in Enschede, Nijmegen and Delft, we help technological companies on a daily basis to take their leap. As Enschede is looking for a new employee, this lunch might just be the kickstart of your career!

What can you expect?

During the lunch, we will give a short presentation about who we are, what we do and WHY we do it. Then, we want to know about your dreams and views on innovation. And we want your feedback on our own innovation projects. In addition, we would like to challenge you to a round of ping-pong and/or darts against our team.

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Leap, The Innovation Agency Hengelosestraat 537, 7521 AG Enschede
7 June 2019 12.00 hour - 14.00 hour
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