28 February 2020 21.00 hour - 1 March 2020 17.00 hour


Every year, the BIX is organized by v.v. Harambee. The BIX is a big mixed indoor volleyball tournament in which sportsmanship, sociability and partying are at the center of attention. In this tournament it is not important how well you play volleyball, but about how much effort you put in for the theme and how well you cooperate with your team.
The tournament starts with a big opening party on Friday, Saturday volleyball games will be held throughout the day and during the evening there will be another party. On Sunday again volleyball matches will be held with at the end a spectacular finale full of surprises. On Saturday and Sunday lunch will be arranged and dinner will be arranged on Saturday. 

The BIX theme of this year is BIXar, going lam(p) with the BIX. Take your movie costumes out of your closet and join in as your favorite movie character. From monsters of Monsters Inc to the rats from Ratatouille, everything is allowed!

If you are interested in competing in this awesome tournament and you have a team of at least 6 people of which minimal 1 woman, you can sign-up via the following link: http://harambee.nl/bix. The costs are €20 per person (which includes entrances to the parties, two lunches and one dinner).

28 February 2020 21.00 hour - 1 March 2020 17.00 hour