1 May 2020 22.30 hour - 2 May 2020 23.00 hour

48th Batavierenrace

On the first of May 2020 at 22.30 pm, the 48th edition of the Batavierenrace will take place. The Batavierenrace is a relay race over 175 km from Nijmegen to Enschede, divided into 25 stages (16 men's stages and 9 women's stages) varying from 3.5 km to 10.7 km. Over 350 teams participate in the race, which means more than 8,000 students. This has earned us a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Batavierenrace is a mixture of a competitive sport-event as well as a big social event. At 22.30 pm on the 1st of May the race starts and the first runners will dive into the night for their heroic battle against the elements and the temptations of a warm bed. This is the beginning of 18 hours of sportsmanship. Afterwards, the biggest student party in Europe takes place, with over 12,000 visitors! In brief: a great opportunity to be out with your team for a few days and be part of a fantastic event!

UTrack Athletics - Nijmegen, Enschede, Campus UT
1 May 2020 22.30 hour - 2 May 2020 23.00 hour