20 October 2021 16.00 hour - 17.00 hour

Presentation: Talentned - Topsport and Sportdata

TalentNED, founded by Infestos, prepares young talented Dutch athletes for the elite sports arena. It offers an ecosystem with a full time program including training, development, coaching and housing. By doing so, TalentNED offers talented athletes the opportunity to realise a career in top sports and make their dream come true.

TalentNED has its own Academy, which is located at the Boddenkampsingel in Enschede, and is lead by former Olympic coach Gerard Kemkers. Within his team of experts, experience, knowledge and data are used to build solid programs and therefore robust and skillful athletes in three different sports: speed skating, mountainbiking and road cycling.

As part of this approach, we work with the SportDataValley platform in order to collect, store and analyse data that is gathered from questionnaires, test results and different training activities and competitions.

In this presentation we will explain (a) who TalentNed is as an organization, (b) how we use SportDataValley and (c) share some of the principles we use in building programs and coaching athletes towards their dream of becoming World and Olympic champions.

Noordhorst - NH124
20 October 2021 16.00 hour - 17.00 hour
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