5 December 2023 18.30 hour - 21.30 hour

Intro to Electronics

Unleash your inner engineer at our hands-on, 3-hour DIY Electronics Workshop! Whether you’re a curious beginner with an interest in electronics or a hobbyist looking to sharpen your soldering skills, this workshop is designed to guide you through the exciting process of creating your very own audio amplifier from scratch.

In this immersive and interactive workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of electronic components and their functions within a circuit. We’ll start with a brief introduction to the world of electronics, covering the basics such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and more. With these building blocks of electronic design in mind, you’ll be ready to dive into the art of soldering - a key skill for any electronics enthusiast.

The highlight of the workshop is assembling your very own audio amplifier. This hands-on project is not only a great learning experience but also an opportunity to bring home a functional piece of technology you’ve made yourself. You’ll follow step-by-step instructions to piece together your circuit, with guidance from our instructors to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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5 December 2023 18.30 hour - 21.30 hour