18 March 2023 15.00 hour - 17.00 hour

Royalty - Apollo Dance Show 2023

The UT dance associations Arabesque, Break-Even, Chassé, 4 happy feet and Primo Ballerino invite you to the yearly Apollo Dance Show 2023!  On the 17th (20.00) and 18th (15.00) of March, they will guide you through the different facets of Royalty and lead you on a journey you won't forget. This will all take place in the Vrijhof, Agora.

Tickets are available via via www.apollo.utwente.nl/shop and kost €3 with unioncard and €5 without unioncard. Only a limited amount of tickets are available at the door, so make sure to be on time! 🎟

Vrijhof - Agora
18 March 2023 15.00 hour - 17.00 hour