15 May 2024 17.45 hour - 19.00 hour

Start2Trail: trailrunning programme

Have you ever tried running through nature? BMS Student Well-being organizing a new initiative with the people of Trail-running.eu. They put together a training for all students of the UT, no matter which study programme you are in. Join the Start2Trail programme and explore what trailrunning can do to your body and mind! 

Do you want to be able to run 10k? Or maybe a half marathon? Even if you just want to be fitter and healthier or want to spend more time outside.
This programme will help you reach your personal goals, whatever they may be!  

The Start2Trail programme (6 months, low intensity):

You do not need any running experience to join this program. 

BMS Student Well-being hopes to motivate you into adopting a new and healthy hobby. Joining this programme is free. 

Curious? Sign up for the kickoff on 15 May,17:45h in the canteen of the sports centre. There we will provide further explanation about the content of the programme. 

Questions? Send an email to Mirjam Koehorst (Student Adviser Well-being at BMS) via m.m.koehorst@utwente.nl. Follow BMS Student Well-being on Instagram: @bmsstudentwellbeing

15 May 2024 17.45 hour - 19.00 hour
Free access