Starting 23 August new bicycle parking areas around the O&O square

As of the introduction period for new students, the Kick In, the O&O square on the UT campus will be free of parked bicycles. New bicycle parking areas have been made available for bicycles behind the buildings on the O&O square.

The image shows where the new parking spaces for bicycles are located.

Why no longer bicycle parking on the O&O square?

The intention is to create a pleasant meeting place with room to work and study on the square. By making the square free of parked bicycles, the area will also become safer, the entrances to buildings will be more accessible for emergency services.

Design ovals

The bicycle racks in the ovals have been replaced with picknick tables. In the Fall input sessions will be organised to facilitate input from students for the design of the ovals at O&O square.

Incorrectly parked bicycles

To ensure that no bicycles are parked on the square itself, a round will be made once or twice a week to remove incorrectly parked bicycles. The owner can then pick this up themselve at Security at the entrance of the campus.