Welcome to the Smoke-Free Campus!

Have you just started at the University of Twente? A warm welcome to you: we hope that you will have a fantastic student experience here! A time during which you will spend a lot of time on campus. Did you know that our entire campus, except for the residential area, is smoke-free? Your well-being and that of others are of great importance at UT. Do you want to know more about the how and why? Or do you want to quit smoking and could use some help?

Learn more about the smoke-free campus and tips to quit at: utwente.nl/smokefree

Non-smoking generation by 2040

Research shows that a significant number of students start smoking on campus. We want to change this. Together with you, we strive for a smoke-free generation, in which children and young adults grow up without smoking and are no longer tempted to start. Together with the Alliance for smoke-free Netherlands, we are working towards achieving these goals.