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Composes a programme that helps international students integrating into the Dutch culture.
Connecting Hands
Organizes activities for asylum seekers that stimultes them in integrating into the Dutch culture.
Create Tomorrow
Responsible for organizing Europe's biggest student thinktank on the campus of the University of Twente
Global Lounge
Pulls various international activities to the international living room in the Bastille: Global Lounge
Makes sure that all web applications of the Kick-In function well and according to the wishes of students and the Kick-in committee
Organizes the memorable nine days lasting introduction period for new students of the University of Twente
Skills Certificate
Compiles an interesting trainings programme for every student to develop themselvves outside their study programme.
Student Union Network
Develops the new accouting system for student organizations of the University of Twente.
Creates an inspirational day filled with interesting and motivational talks.
Organis debates about global topics
UT Zonnetje in Huis
Organizes the outdoor student houses festival.
Voorselectie commissie
Decides whether your application for the activism-recognition is satisfactory or not before it will be send to the committee of judgement.