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Supervisory board

The Supervisory Board can be seen as supervisory of the board of the Student Union: they supervise and advise the board, whenever necessary.

The Union Participants' Council, i.e. all participants and umbrella organizations of the Student Union, elect the supervisory board's members. They can also fire the Supervisory Board.Through the Supervisory Board, the Union participants indirectly have a great influence on the Student Union.

There are five to nine places available. Within the Supervisory Board there are specific positions to ensure a broad representation. Furthermore. non-students are member of the Supervisory Board, like faculty deans or people from the corporate life.One position is reserved for the University of Twente’s Executive Board. 

The Supervisory Council meets with the Board every 6 weeks to discuss their main responsibilities such as:

Should any problems arise between an association and the SU Board an attempt will be made to solve it internally. Should this prove unsuccessful after multiple attempts, the Supervisory Council may be informed. The Supervisory Council will then decide on further course of action, which could be solving the problem with the board and the organization in question internally after all, or calling the arbitration committee into action.

You can reach out to the Supervisory Board by sending an email to the chairman of the Supervisory Board.