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The application procedure will be executed by the Student Union’s Appointment Advisory Committee (AAC). This committee consists of four persons, of which every independent party is entitled to vote:

The starting point of the application is that you apply for a function as a board member and not for specific portfolios. Of course it is important to inform us about your preference and why certain portfolios fits your experience, knowledge and passions. The procedure has three rounds: one written case and two interviews.

First interview

Based on your application letter and CV, the AAC might invite you for a first (online) interview. These will take place between the 21-25 November 2022. This interview is for the AAC to determine if the function of board member fits your experience and knowledge, and for you to see if it joins your expectations. Examples of subjects that can be discussed are strong and weak personal characteristics, the vision on the Student Union and your interests.

Case and second interview

If the AAC is positive about this interview, you will get asked to work on a case and you will be invited for a second and also last meeting. You have approximately one week to work on this case. Your case, your role in a team and further qualifications for certain portfolios will be topics for the interview following after finishing this case. These interviews will take place between the 5-9 December 2022.


After consideration the AAC will judge which candidates will be able to perform as new board members. Its advice will be taken to the Supervisory board of the Student Union which eventually determines the appointment of board members. The Supervisory Board mainly consists of delegates from the various sectors and a delegate from the university. After they have made a decision, you will get informed.

Every candidate can expect a feedback interview with the AAC once the application procedure has come to its end. Information that has been given during the interviews will remain confidential.


You can send your CV and motivation letter at the latest on the 13 November 2022 to Bram van Uden