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Portfolio holder Sports and Arts

Sietse is responsible for the future of the sports and performing arts facilities at the University of Twente. In cooperation with the Sports Centre, the Vrijhof Cultural Centre, the Sports Council and Apollo, his job is to maintain the facilities and improve them where possible. This will foster an environment in which students can fully enjoy sports and performing arts: both with their association as well as individually!

Large projects such as acquiring a new sports hall or gym also fall under the Sports & Culture portfolio. Sietse is also responsible for the UnionCard and the cooperation with Saxion University and ArtEZ. In order to bring benefits to all students the position also involves a lot of contact with external parties such as the Twente Ice-rink, the City Theatre and Enschede’s Music Centre. 

About sietse van mossel

Study: Technical Medicine
Active at: T.C. Ludica, Euros, DSV Skeuvel, DHC Drienerlo
From: Leiden
E-mail: s.vanmossel[at]utwente.nl

Hi, I’m Sietse van Mossel and upcoming year I will be responsible for sports and arts for students. In 2015 I made the step from Leiden to Enschede to study Technical Medicine. So far from home I wanted to build up an active student life. Past years I met lots of enthusiastic students who helped me to realize a great student life. In my first year I became member of Euros rowing, T.C. Ludica and DSV Skeuvel. After doing several committees I got the opportunity to become part of the board “Hawk Eyes” of T.C. Ludica. As a board member of T.C. Ludica I created a new sports climate where tennis players can develop themselves. Meanwhile, I missed the beautiful team sport I did my entire youth: playing field hockey. I became active at DHC and tried to make some goals for “Heeren 1”.

Two months ago I finished my Bachelor and I felt it was time to find a new challenge: now I am doing the best I can to be a good Student Union board member. Being a student and working for students, I want to keep in touch with all students of the UT as much as possible. I want to create an ambiance where every student can tell his or her story. Moreover, I like thinking out of the box and being creative. I am a very open person and I’m convinced that having fun is essential to achieve high results. Together with the whole organisation of the Student Union, we are going to bring our sports and arts activities to an optimal level at the Campus UT!