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As a board, you are committed to your association for a year. Of course you also want to get a number of things done. You will undoubtedly already have great ideas and plans.

In achieving your goals, you will encounter bottlenecks. How do you get your members excited about your plans? How do you ensure engagement? But also in the mutual cooperation it can sometimes be difficult. How do you deal with people who spend less time on board work? Do you dare to address each other on agreements made or do you avoid the conflict? And how do you ensure that you make optimal use of everyone's experience and qualities?

Loof's team training helps you to prevent these types of bottlenecks or to solve them together.



We have been guiding various teams for years. From business to government and from healthcare to education.  We help teams find a good balance between achieving results and good cooperation. A team you want to belong to and contribute to.  We are happy to use our knowledge and experience to help your board team on its way.



The training courses of Loof are characterized by a lot of interaction, fun working methods, assignments in small groups and variety. With our unique Brain Learning concept, we incorporate the latest neuro-scientific insights into our approach. Effective learning in a fun way!



Loof's training courses lie at the intersection of cooperation, communication and effective management. We would like to think along with you about what a suitable training would be for your team. We can design a training for your board based on these themes:



After registering with the Student Union, we will contact you to discuss your wishes and to put together a beautiful training day.



TRAINER – Erik Riet

Please to meet you! I am Erik Riet, trainer and coach at Loof. In my student days I was quite active in Groningen student life in various board and leadership roles. After graduating, I provided a lot of training and personal coaching to students. Now I would like to use my experience in both the student world and in the business world to guide you in a successful team development.

Some reactions from participants

"I got some good tools for negotiating and learned a lot about myself and my working methods."

"The theory was always linked to a practical example."

"We received personal attention and Erik responded to our own problems."

"Learned a lot about how people react to certain ways of talking"

"It was nice that Erik knew how the student culture works, he also played very well on this.