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Developing during your board term

It is important to make the most of your board term, and to learn as much as possible! Not just your own student organization profits from it, you profit from it yourself. Therefore, we have developed a programme for board members, containing interesting and free training. Through this Board Improvement Program (BIP), professional trainers help you in gaining all the different skills throughout this year.

How the programme looks like
Your activism year is kick-started with a board afternoon. During this afternoon we inform you about the rest of the programme, but also about all kinds of matters like the organization of the University of Twente, the Student Union, and useful contact persons. In this way you get a better overview on who to contact when you have a great idea, or when you’re running into issues. In the autumn, the first training month will take place. This month is all about topics like leadership and working together. In May the second training month will be organized, which is all about position specific training. During this month you for example learn how you can act upon your role as chairperson or treasurer as best as possible. Next to a number of training sessions, this mainly is a fun weekend. The right moment where you can get to know all other board members from Enschede’s student community. A nice moment for networking!

For whom?

Board Training BIP

Good to know

In case we have made you enthusiastic about attending the Board Improvement Program, you can subscribe together with your board. You can also contact us if you have any questions.


You can always contact academischevorming@union.utwente.nl if you have any additional questions!