VINKVINK health insurance with a special offer for UT students

A low priced health insurance and € 15 discount on your UnionCard

Your health and well-being are important to the University of Twente. That’s why we are working together with VinkVink. The result is an attractive offer for UT students. To start with, a VinkVink health insurance that offers you good cover with no fuss, all taken care of online. With a premium of € 125 per month, VinkVink offers you a low priced Basic Insurance. And, if you need more than just the basics, you can opt for one of three additional insurances. Calculate your premium and register before 1 January 2023.

Switching over to VinkVink is easy
All you need to do is take out your health insurance with VinkVink. VinkVink will then cancel your current health insurance for you.

€15 discount on your UnionCard
If you take out VinkVink health insurance before 1 January 2023, you will get a € 15 discount when you buy your UnionCard (Year, Half year or Summer).

This is how it works:

Discount only available if you register via the button

To get the € 15 discount on your UnionCard, it doesn’t matter if you just take out VinkVink Basic Insurance or if you also opt for one of VinkVink’s additional insurances. What does matter is how you take out your VinkVink insurance. You will only receive the discount if you use this button to do it.

Extra benefit: free access to online modules to help you improve your mental health
If you are experiencing mental health problems, you may find online self-help beneficial. Stichting mirro (Dutch) has developed 19 courses that give you an insight into your mental health, including tips, tests, exercises and personal accounts. As an extra benefit, you will receive unlimited and anonymous access to these modules free of charge.

Apply now for healthcare allowance
Health insurance is pretty expensive. You may be entitled to healthcare allowance (Dutch). This is money you receive from the government to pay for (part of) your health insurance.

Frequently asked questions

I already have insurance with VinkVink. Will I also get the discount on my UnionCard?
Yes, if you are already insured with VinkVink, you can get the discount by registering with VinkVink again. To do this, you need to use the VinkVink button on this web page.

I already have a UnionCard. Can I get the discount on it retrospectively?
No, you can only benefit from the discount if you buy a new UnionCard (Year, Half year or Summer). The discount is available when buying Half year UnionCard for the rest of the current academic year or a Year of Half year UnionCard for the new academic year from September 2023.

Why does the UT work together with VinkVink?
It’s important to the UT that you feel good about yourself. With VinkVink’s health insurance you are not only guaranteed good healthcare at the best price, but can also benefit from a € 15 discount on your UnionCard, with which you can easily use UT's sports and cultural facilities. Next to that VinkVink gives you access to e-health modules focusing on issues such as money worries and mental fitness. This offering is part of a broader collaboration between the UT and Coöperatie Menzis aimed at boosting the well-being of our employees and students. Together we’re strong within our region!

Can all UT students make use of VinkVink's offerings?  
All students aged 18 and older who live and/or work in the Netherlands are required to have health insurance. You are then obliged to have insurance in the Netherlands and can therefore make use of VinkVink's offer.

If you are an international student and undertaking a traineeship and are being paid at least the minimum hourly wage, you are obliged to take out Dutch health insurance (basic insurance). Bear in mind that expense allowances, board and lodging are counted towards the payment you receive.

If you are an international student and have a job alongside your studies, you are obliged to take out Dutch health insurance (basic insurance). Are you an international student and working alongside your studies in a self-employed capacity? If so, you need to ask the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) to assess whether you are obliged to take out insurance in the Netherlands.

You can find more information here

Can I still use the discount of the UnionCard if I do not purchase health insurance from VinkVink?
No, unfortunately this is not possible, as the discount is offered by VinkVink.

I will only use the VinkVink health insurance for six months because I may be leaving the Netherlands in the summer. Am I then also entitled to the full UnionCard discount?
Yes, the discount is valid for the full year, regardless of how long you are insured with VinkVink.