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Every student association has their official documents called the statutes or by-laws. These documents describe how the association is set up and what rules and regulations it uses. For all types of study, sport and culture associations, well-written statutes are needed to provide all legal aspects to successfully register at the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). Damsté is a specialist in setting up and adjusting statutes for associations, and they can help with a lot more legal issues!


The Student Union made a UnionDeal with Damsté, which provides you with notarized help for the creation and modification of the association statutes. With the use of a template and professional guidance, Damsté makes sure that the high quality of well-written statutes is achieved for your own association. Furthermore, Damsté will make sure that the registration for the KvK is done correctly. And as a bonus, everything is done for a discounted price of €250!

what should i do?

If you want to use the UnionDeal, please make contact with the Student Union. Send an email to uniondeals@union.utwente.nl and make sure you address the Damsté UnionDeal in the title or text. After that, someone from the Student Union will contact you and provide the further guidance together with Damsté! 

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