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More Than A Degree initiatives funds

This fund is meant for students and student organisations that have an interesting initiative in mind, and is made available by the Student Union, Grolsch and Vrumona. The fund is made up of three parts: subsidy, loan, and guarantee.

An example of an initiative could be an activity, a multiple-day event, or a plan for a particular facility on campus or in the city. Specific examples are a festival, sports tournament or a debate. As a Union recognized association you can receive a maximum subside grant of 500 euros, and as an individual you can even receive a maximum grant of 3000 euros. The loan and guarantee have no maximum amount. In this case the finance portfolio holder will contact you after your application to discuss your proposal.


Each initiative

When a subsidy grant above 500 euros is requested, the subsidy request must come from an individual student. This does not alter the fact that the initiative is organised by a Union recognized association. For a request from an individual student additional criterion must be met.

What we ask of you

The use of the subside, loan or guarantee is linked to a number of requirements:



Logos for promotion


It is also possible to seek contact with the University Funds Foundation if you have an idea for students, You or your student association can appeal here if you have an innovative or unique activity that you want to make happen. When applying, make sure to attach your budget. Details about this subsidy can be found here.