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New CampusCard regulation for Saxion Students 

Last May, Saxion stopped their collaboration with the UnionCard. This means that Saxion students that want to sport on our campus or want to participate in a culture related event need to start paying more. All HBO students can now apply for a CampusCard.

New CampusCard regulation for HBO(Saxion students):

·       HBO students now have to get a CampusCard. For HBO students CampusCard category A applies, but instead of having to pay €120 euros for contribution Saxion students now pay €60 euros (50% discount). The CampusCard itself costs €100 euros (no discount).

·       All the CampusCard sales for HBO students will take place at the desk from the Sportscentre. This is a SU/UT-regulation and has no relationship with the Saxion.

·       HBO Students with a CampusCard can participate in activities from the SSN(Studenten Sport Nederland), like NSK’s.

UnionCard regulation for University Students and AKI/ARTEZ Students:

·       University students get a UnionCard. This category is the same as the previous years. For the UnionCard you pay €40/50 euros and €22,50 euros association contribution.

·       Only UnionCard holders can swim and squash for free within the city. UnionCard discounts only apply for UT/AKI/ARTEZ students with a Unioncard. For questions about this you can contact the Student Union. UT students can go with questions about swimming or squashing to the desk from the sports centre.

·       Only UnionCard holders can follow culturecourses with SU-subsidy. The SU is not going to do this for HBO students.

·       AKI and Artez students can apply for a UnionCard.

Click here for an overview of the costs for a UnionCard and CampusCard.