The Bellettrie-Library is a library with recreational literature and reading. It began in 1965 in a living room of a students residence and is still managed and maintained by students. The collection holds approx. 15 000 bindings. They have literature and novels; their specialities are Science Fiction, Fantasy, comics and DNE (Dutch authors translated to English). Alongside these categories, they also maintain a basic collection of Dutch, translated and English literature, as well as a collection of Detectives and Thrillers, Children’s Stories and Manga.

With the UnionCard you can use all the facilities of the Bellettrie-Library for free once you have become a member of Bellettrie (for free). You can do this by going to the library.


The Bellettrie is located in room 105 of the Bastille and shares this space with game-club Fanaat. This space is located at the ground floor of the Bastille, on the side of the parking lot between the Bastille and the Sports centre. It is accessible both via the parking lot and through the Atrium.