Predator Esports Lounge

The University of Twente (UT) is the first university in the Netherlands to realise an Esports location: the Predator Esports Lounge. It is a dedicated space for all students with a passion for gaming and esports. It is located in the Bastille, and is equipped with high-end gaming setups from the company Predator, professional broadcasting equipment and various other facilities to enable it to be a hub for casual and serious gamers alike.

The Predator Esports Lounge is run by the foundation Esports Lounge Twente. It works in collaboration with Blueshell and Esports Team Twente  to host a variety of events and esports trainings. Together, along with the umbrella organisation Student Union (embed link to Student Union home page?), they work together to maintain and grow the position of the UT as the esports university of the Netherlands.

The Predator Esports Lounge is an ideal location for everyone. Outside of being an esports location, it is an event venue that can be rented out. From students and faculties to external companies, the Predator Esports Lounge offers a unique location for physical events.

If you have a Union Card, entrance during regular opening hours is free. For opening times, location, renting or contact information, visit the Predator Esports Lounge website.