We are Fanaat and we hope to make boardgames available to anyone and have a fun community around them that doesn’t just talk about boardgames but a bunch of other typically geeky stuff.

Opening hours

Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday at:

• 20:00-23:00


• On Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Friday from 20:00 till at least 23:00 but usually later we have boardgame nights. On these nights you can come by and play some fun games with our members picking from the hundreds of games available.

• Table top RPG’s like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder can be played in our space and twice a year we hold Dungeon meetups where new groups can be formed.

• Once every month we hold a Magic: The Gathering draft on Friday. This is a great chance to get into the game since there will always be some more experienced players willing to help you learn. This activity is also open to non-members.

• Once every two months we hold Fanaat Open. These are held during weekends, and anyone is free to show up for these regardless of being a member. For members and union card holders it’s free and externals have to pay a small fee but then you can play as many boardgames as you want for the entire day.

• For the rest you are always free to come by during the day as long as we are open. Check either our website’s traffic light to see if we are open or check if the Drakenkelder account is online in our discord, this means we are open. You can find us on the ground floor of the bastille in the Drakenkelder next to the subway and service desk.