Incubase was started by Novel-t and the Student Union in February of 2020. The mission of the Incubase is to facilitate and support entrepreneurial students of the University of Twente with their innovative business idea(s). The Student Union empowers students to achieve more than a degree and being entrepreneurial is a good example of this

The University of Twente has a track record of 35 years of experience as an entrepreneurial university. Over 1000 startups/spin-offs were created out of the university among those companies like Booking.com, Takeaway.com, Scisports, Xsens, Codesandbox, and many more. The University of Twente placed their startup/business activities at Novel-T, the business unit of the university that helped already many startups and companies to create new business. The Student Union promotes the academic competencies and the well-being of students of the University of Twente. We distinguish with a business model that fits our startups: the “gym for entrepreneurship.” Just like in a gym, you come to Incubase to train. You have to build your startup to grow eventually. The enterprising students pay ten euros a month for a membership. Nothing more, nothing less. With this membership, the entrepreneurs can use the co-working space, the support of Novel-T and, for example, request subsidy advice from our partners Rabobank and PNO.

You can find more information on the website of the Incubase!