At the Twentekanaal lies the University Water Sports Complex and the accompanying pub the Sevende Camer.

On the ground floor there is a boat workshop, a sail maker, a paint shop, and a room with ergometers (rowing machines). On the first floor, the dressing rooms are situated, as well as the bar area with kitchen and roof terrace, the committee rooms and the board room for the Euros rowing.

The Watersportcomplex is a Unionbuilding and has been under the management of the Student Union since the opening. Since then, the building has had its own management committee, Centraal Beheer Euros (CBE). The committee consists of three Euros members, the portfolio manager Accommodation of the Student Union, and a facility manager of the Facility Company. The facility manager is responsible for the continuity in the committee and advises the other committee members. For information, email cbe@euros.nl.