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Activities associations

Update 15-12-2020

All physical activities are not allowed to take place for a period of at least 5 weeks. 

update 05-11-20 

The activities that are allowed to take place, only with the approval of events bureau, are educational related activities. All other activities in the upcoming 2 weeks are canceled. Get in contact with events@utwente.nl to discuss whether the activity can take place  

UPDATE 22-10-2020

Minor change to the update below:  since the 4 person rule does not apply to profession, companies and associations, it should be possible to have for example board meetings with more than four people in a room. Therefore the rule which stated that physical meetings are only allowed with a maximum of 4 people in a room changes to a maximum of 30 people. Of course taking into account 1.5m distance and all other regulations.

Although it is possible to meet with more people, does not mean that you should do it. Work from home as much as possible and don’t meet with others when this is not necessary. 

Update 14-10-2020

Another press conference took place on the 13th of October in which new measures for combating the virus were announced. We would like to ask for your continuing cooperation:

Work and study from home as much as possible and try to avoid physical meetings. Physical meetings are only allowed with a maximum of 4 people in a room.

On the 7 October we updated you about what is possible concerning social gatherings on campus. This won’t change with the new measures. 

Also, if something is legally allowed, please rethink if it is really necessary.

Update 07-10-2020

The Student Union started a conversation with the Executive board regarding social activities and the concening measures:

The outcome is that social activities on UT premises are possible. This applies to the activities of student and study organizations. The UT Board would like to emphasize this does not mean no activities at all can be held:

Next to that we could arrange for you that GMA’s are possible (taking into account the existing guidelines) and with discount on the location rent on campus. Reach out to the booking office when you want to organize a GMA on campus.

We ask your cooperation again to minimize gatherings at least until 20 October and continue to show our joint responsibility regarding the corona situation. Hopefully this contributes towards a decline in the nationwide measures.

Update 30-09-2020

We have contacted the Events office and CFM department and we have attuned these points for the upcoming 3 weeks:

The university asks all students and employees to limit or postpone social gatherings for the upcoming 3 weeks. Together we are responsible and together we can overcome this situation.

update 01-09-2020

For all activities organized by associations, it is important that the association and students take into account all safety measures surrounding COVID-19. These are the national guidelines that are imposed by the government. All activities with regards to introduction of new students, are in principal prohibited. However, you can have visitors at home or meet in restaurants in agreement with the guildelines of the catering industry, of course you still need to comply with the general rules.

Everything apart from this Permission must be requested at the SU, CCVB and Veiligheidregio Twente

You would have to submit the following documents to Manouk Ramselaar:

  1. Very clear program/description of the activities
  2. Floor plan
  3. Corona protocol: In any case, this is your standard plan, supplemented with specific measures that apply to the activity in question. The maximum group size is 30 people is so please also mention this in your documents.

Please deliver this on Tuesday before 12:00, about 3 weeks before the planned activity. 

Your application will have to go through 3 different stages:

  1. Advice from SU & Strategy & Policy
  2. Approval from CCVB
  3. Approval from municipality & VRT

Between each station there is an approval / check for forwarding and advice from the relevant organisation. This means that it takes quite some time to go through the full approval process. Therefore it is important that the documents are sent 3 weeks prior to the activity to the SU. Unfortunately documents sent later than that, cannot be handled anymore.  Please make sure that your request is a realistic request. You can for example think of gatherings with a maximum of 30 people, outside and complying to all rules. When in doubt, please get in touch beforehand. Unrealistic requests will not be forwarded from the Student Union to the CCVB and therefore also not to the municipality and VRT.