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Portfolio holder Personal Development and Education

The University of Twente is known for its large number of associations, committees and activities. This is only made possible by students who commit to extracurricular activities. In its role as umbrella organisation, the Student Union wants to ensure this is all possible; Maartje is responsible for this within the Student Union’s Board.

She takes care for all extracurricular education opportunities for students. This includes offering students the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities. Participation is stimulated in a variety of ways, for example by awarding the More Than a Degree Awards. Maartje also provides opportunities for students who are already active to (further) develop themselves through training sessions such as the ‘Board Improvement Program’.

About Maartje van delden

Studies: Technische Geneeskunde
Active at: DSCC/DJCR Audentis et Virtutis, T.C. Ludica, Pre-U
Comes from: Smilde
E-mail: m.g.vandelden@utwente.nl

When I was just 18-year old and moved to Enschede, I had no idea what I could expect. I came to Enschede for my study, but I was only starting to orientate myself for everything Enschede has to offer next to my study, in the Kick-In. I went to live in an amazing student house with 5 other girls, who were all active in the student community. Because of the divers activities, the fantastic parties but most of all the open attitude of all students, I realised how fun and meaningful student life next to my study could be.

I knew I wanted to become active, get to know a lot of new people and develop myself. Therefore, I joined the student association Audentis. My first year as a student passed really quickly. I formed a yearclub and joined the ladies dispuut Pimpelle. There were so much fun activities, and I wanted to join all of them to make the most out of my first year. At the same time, I had to obtain credits for my study.

In my second year, I went to work as a Personal Assistant Teacher at Pre-U. Here,  I stood upon a 3VWO+ class to get students into contact with technique and science, and to teach them skills like teamwork, pitching and debating. I liked how enthusiastic my students could get and how I could encourage and stimulate them to develop themselves. Moreover, I like sporting and being outside, to take a walk or go for a run. I signed up for the tennis club T.C. Ludica, where I started to play tennis again, after I stopped for a year when I moved to Enschede.

Enschede has so much to offer for all students to develop yourself next to your study and to achieve More Than A Degree! In the Kick-In committee of Audentis I wanted to show the new students how amazing student life could be and to encourage them to become active, everyone in its own way. It was an amazing experience where I could take a look into the structure of a student organization, learned to communicate with a lot of parties and learned skills which helped me a lot in my personal development.

However, activism did not stop here for me. I liked speaking up for student interests in Enschede and wanted to mean more to the student community in Enschede. Furthermore, my own student life passed by really quickly and after obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I was up for a new challenge. With the portfolios Personal Development and Education, I want to support and stimulate students to develop themselves as much as possible next to their studies. Activism is a beautiful way to develop yourself, on a personal and professional level. Enschede has so much to offer in the area of activism and values active students a lot. And I would like to show this to as much students as possible to help them to achieve More Than A Degree! Who knows, maybe I see you during one of the trainings of workshops we organize…