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Portfolio holder Academic Development and Education

The University of Twente is known for its large number of associations, committees and activities. This is only made possible by students who commit to extracurricular activities. In its role as umbrella organisation, the Student Union wants to ensure this is all possible; Manouk is responsible for this within the Student Union’s Board.

She takes care for all extracurricular education opportunities for students. This includes offering students the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities. Participation is stimulated in a variety of ways, for example by awarding the More Than a Degree Awards. Manouk also provides opportunities for students who are already active to (further) develop themselves through training sessions such as the ‘Board Improvement Program’.

About Manouk Ramselaar

Studie: Technische Geneeskunde   
Active at: Audentis
From: Vessem
E-mail: m.s.ramselaar@utwente.nl 

Coming from a very small village in Brabant, I was really looking forward to finally live on my own and start my student life as a student Technical Medicine! The beginning of my student life was, of course, the Kick-in. Quite overwhelming I would say, but for sure an unforgettable experience! During those 9 days, I came to know about all possibilities for students to get active and maybe even more important, I got to know a lot of people. I was surprised by the huge amount of associations the university offers. There was something for everyone, it doesn't matter what interests you have.    

During this Kick-in, I made up my mind and decided to join the student association Audentis. I got an amazing year club and also became a member of the sorority 'Brokaat', in which I was also the treasurer for one year. In the past 4 years I have never focused at one certain sport, but I do like to do fitness, tennis, swim and squash, especially with friends. Besides this I worked at the Technical Medical Centre and coordinated the open days of Technical medicine.  

When I finished my bachelor's, I wanted to something else and this was the perfect moment for me! I went to Sydney and followed there an exchange program at the University of New south Wales. To make this time even more unforgettable, I decided to travel around New-Zealand and Australia for a total of 3 months. I enjoyed my time abroad to the fullest, but I wasn't ready to start my masters in Enschede yet. I wanted to develop my personal skills and do something for other people. I found out that the Student Union board is a great opportunity for me to do this and that within this board I could do something for students like me! 

The University of Twente is the perfect place for students to develop themselves and get active next to your studies. As the portfolio holder Personal Development and Education, I want to make sure that all students will have equal opportunities to do this. One of my personal goals therefore is, that I want to try to give all students the possibility to get a professional training. This can be for students who do a fulltime or parttime board year, or students who just want to develop themselves in general. 

I am looking forward to everything that will cross my path this year. I am excited to work together with my fellow board members. I am also looking forward to meet a lot of new people and collaborate with all various students boards. I hope to face challenges and make it possible to implement my own ideas and thoughts. I am happy to be a part of the Student Union board and that I can hopefully do something for the UT students.