Portfolio holder Personal Development and Education

The University of Twente is known for its large number of associations, committees and activities. This is only made possible by students who commit to extracurricular activities. In its role as the umbrella organisation, the Student Union wants to ensure this is possible and Tessa is responsible for this within the Student Union’s Board.

He takes care of all extracurricular education opportunities for students. This includes offering students the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities. Participation is stimulated in a variety of ways, for example by awarding the More Than a Degree Awards. Tom also provides opportunities for students who are already active to (further) develop themselves through training sessions such as the ‘Board Improvement Program’.

Study: Public Administration
Active at: A.S.V. Taste
Comes from: Stroe, Gelderland, the Netherlands
E-mail: t.vanleeuwen@utwente.nl

As a first-year student I did not directly go to Enschede, but I first studied a year in Delft. However, the study Technische Bestuurskunde was not what I had expected from it. Therefore, I decided to move to Twente to start the bachelor Business Information Technology (BIT) at the University of Twente. During the Kick-In, I noticed quickly that the ways of getting active next to your studies are countless. I took the decision to become a member at A.S.V. Taste, where I formed a close year club. Next to that, I found a new home with active roommates at Tempo Doeloe.

During my first year, I joined a committee at Inter-Acitef. During my second and third year I took part in several other committees at Taste and Inter-Actief. I was able to organise the OKIC for Inter-Actief and organised the 33th Dies for Taste. Because of the pandemic both committees were quite challenging, but most importantly it was really fun and educational. I developed my collaboration, leadership and communication skills while having an amazing time with my fellow committee members.


My own experiences with student activism showed me the value of being active next to your studies. For this reason, I joined De Ambitieuze Student (DAS), a party in the University Council that is focused on enabling students to be active outside of your study. This made my enthusiastic to be able to write policy on these topics for all students at the University of Twente. As portfolio holder Personal Development and Education, I will work a full year to stimulate and facilitate the personal development of students. Furthermore, this year offers many chances to work on my own personal development as well. Do you have ideas about how we can improve our approach towards the personal development of students? Do not hesitate to drop by our office for a cup of coffee to discuss your ideas!