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Portfolio holder Communication Internationalisation and Well-being


As portfolio holder Communication Eva works on all internal and external communication of the Student Union. The portfolio holder coordinates all communicational activities of the Student Union. Something you could think of is keeping the website up-to-date, using social media, sending out press notes about important Student Union events, and all PR materials. 

Regarding policy, she sets a course on general communication and defines which message is communicated to the student. Concerning external communication, Eva has an advisory right that can influence the communication of the UT towards students.

In order to execute the tasks mentioned above, she is supported by the SU communication team.


More and more international students are arriving at the University. These students need the same possibilities as Dutch students. 

To ensure the interest of and create an ideal environment for the international students are heard Eva collaborates with the International Office, the UniTe board, the Buddy committee and the World Sector Officer. Furthermore, she attends the Platform International Affairs (PIA) meetings. Subjects that she is dealing with are integration, acculturation, inclusiveness and other activities. 


The Student Union has a desire to prevent well-being issues and improve the health of students. As portfolio holder Well-being, Eva organises and facilitates activities to fulfil this desire. 

Eva works on well-being issues together with the University. She has a seat in the steering and project group Student Well-being Implementation Program (SWIP) and works together with her well-being team on several projects. Furthermore, she collaborates with CES-SACC student psychologists, M&C and others involved from several faculties of the University.

Eva Vogelezang

Study: Industrial Design Engineering
Active at: D.R.V. Euros, D.W.D. Beavoir
Comes from: Wageningen, The Netherlands
Email: e.m.vogelezang@utwente.nl

During my orientation for a study I heard stories about different universities, but Twente always stood out. Being an ice skater myself, I already knew that Enschede had one of the best ice rinks in the Netherlands. In addition, my skating friends who had left told me about the nice cozy atmosphere and the wonderful campus in Twente. So taking a look at the open days couldn't hurt.

By accident, I stumbled across the study of Industrial Design Engineering that suited me perfectly. Combining a bit of creativity with technical subjects. My student life could begin!

I began my student life with the mindset of trying out as many new things as possible next to my studies. A new house, new sports, new friends and as many committees as possible. This made for a very full, busy life, but also a lot of fun. From arranging the kick-in at the rowing association to organizing parties, activities and competitions. In my second year, I started focusing more on sports and started competitive rowing. Training eight times a week, eating and drinking healthy, all to bring out the best version of yourself. The year after that, I tried to give something back to the association by coaching a competitive team and together with my committee bringing in sponsors for the association.

This day, I see how many capabilities and experiences I got out of these years of activism. I know how valuable these can be and would like everyone to be able to have such a full student life. One way to make this possible is at the Student Union. Since they have the goal to give every student "more than a degree."

In addition, choosing a board year at the Student Union seemed like another great way for me to challenge myself in different areas. Trying out more new things every day.

The portfolio I am taking over has many different subjects under it, communication, internationalization and well-being. I hope to make a difference in all these areas and help students in their student life. I am sure I will also miss a lot within these different topics that remain unattended. So please contact me if you want to share your opinions or ideas with me!