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Portfolio holder External Affairs, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

External Affairs

The main task of Emmilie is to maintain all Student Union contacts with the business community. Creating new partnerships is the key task. Partnerships are multiple-year cooperation endeavors with companies. The starting point is to create added value for Union participants, students and the University of Twente’s student entrepreneurs as well as for the company. These added values can be realized directly or indirectly. Direct added value can consist of discounts or training by professional institutions that apply directly to students. The indirect added value consists of funds a company makes available to the Student Union. These funds are then made available to students in the form of sponsorships.

Emmilie guides the entire process, from the initial idea of signing and maintaining the partnership. She is also responsible for the External Affairs meeting with student associations.

Entrepreneurship & innovation

The Student Union is responsible for the policy on Student Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente. In cooperation with the student entrepreneurship coordinator from the Kennispark, Emmilie facilitates and stimulates student entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship offers students the opportunity to develop themselves and gain experience and is therefore greatly supported by the Student Union, Kennispark Twente and NIKOS. The Student Union is involved with student entrepreneurship because it offers students enormous opportunities and allows them to acquire unique experiences that cannot be learned or developed in any class.

Emmilie takes stock of the needs of student entrepreneurs. Based on these results she will then take action to realize the appropriate support.

Furthermore, it’s important to coordinate everything with the various organizations involved. These include business clubs, the Kennispark, the Business and Science Park, the Innovation Lab, NIKOS and others. It’s up to Emmilie to coordinate the services provided to the needs of student entrepreneurs. She is in the center of it all and is up to date on everything, enabling to make the appropriate match between the needs of student entrepreneurs and the available services.

About Emmilie kuks

Study: Industrial Design Engineering
Was active at: A.S.V. Taste
Comes from: Enschede

If you had asked me 5 years ago where I would be now, I would have said for sure that I would now be far away from Enschede. When I had to make my study choice in 2017, having lived in Enschede all my life, I did decide to study at the University of Twente because I thought the study I wanted to follow the best here.

I had planned to become active in student life from day 1 because I knew from experience that Enschede feels somewhat small-scale without a student life. I immediately became a member of student association A.S.V. Taste and have found an active home where I still feel completely at home. At Taste I formed a year club with 9 other girls that I still see every week. In my first year I also became a "ghost" at the ladies' sorority Spooky. Because I love exercise and have played hockey all my life, I registered with DHC Drienerlo, which I later exchanged for kickboxing because I was ready for something new.

All in all, I have seen how much is possible in Enschede in addition to your studies and I have never been stopped from getting active. I have noticed that the small scale of the city makes it so personal and fun, which offers more space and freedom for students, which ultimately leads to bigger ideas.

Within the various committees I have done, highlighted by the Kick-In committee of Taste, I have seen how much fun it is to acquire new skills and to work together with other students. In retrospect, I can say with certainty that I learned just as much from this as within my study itself.

After finishing my bachelor, I thought it was time for an even bigger challenge. Because I found out in recent years how unique it is that students have so much say in the policy of the UT and therefore that there is as much as possible, I also wanted to commit myself to this. That's how I ended up at the Student Union, for which I will postpone my master’s degree for a year.

As portfolio holder Entrepreneurship, External Relations and Innovation, I will be committed to student entrepreneurship in the coming year. In recent years I have seen how valuable it is to convert developed knowledge and ideas into something tangible for society. In my role I want to stimulate and facilitate this even further. I will also take the first steps in my new Innovation portfolio, in addition to many other projects and tasks. In recent years, we have been faced with ever greater social challenges for which students can and want to come up with the most creative solutions. From my position I hope to be able to offer students tools to tackle these challenges and to use their creativity and willpower.

While I am aware that next year will look different due to crazy circumstances, I see it as an extra challenge to stimulate and facilitate students even better and I am confident that it will be a unique and unforgettable experience!