Portfolio holder Finance, Accommodation and Business Management


Bas is responsible for the Student Union’s financial policy and keeps the organisation financially healthy. Therefore, he plays a large role in taking strategic decisions. Quarterly reports and budgets are important, but his say in the university's services such as Strategy & Policy, Financial and Economical Affairs or negotiations with the Executive Board are at least as important. He investigates the financial feasibility of new projects. However, he is not a treasurer, as the Student Union has an accountant at its disposal for those tasks who manages the finances. Furthermore, he has insight and control over the finances of the sectors sports and performing arts.


The Student Union is responsible for managing several student buildings (The Pakkerij, The Bastille and the Water Sports Complex).  The fact that the Bastille was occupied only a few years ago certainly does not mean that nothing needs to be done! There are more projects which can contribute to turning the Bastille into the ultimate student building on campus. The Water Sports Complex and the Pakkerij also deserve attention. Bas is therefore the contact person for the occupants of these buildings so that its users can have a say in their own building. He is also involved in the renovation of the Bastille and its surroundings. 

Business Management

Bas's main duty is to manage the UnionShop, the Atrium and any new parts of the Student Union’s business that may emerge. Business Management increases the level of facilities at the University of Twente. This means that there will be more opportunities for everyone at the University. 

Bas Zutt

Study: Electrical Engineering
Active at: Audentis et Virtutis, Heerendispuut Yunophiat
Is from: Warmenhuizen, North Holland, Netherlands
Email: b.zutt@utwente.nl

In the summer of 2020, I left the picturesque Warmenhuizen in the West of the Netherlands for Eastern Enschede. Once I had decided that I wanted to study Electrical Engineering, after several open days of various universities, my eye fell on the UT because of its atmosphere and the rich campus with its many opportunities to develop yourself in multiple fields besides your studies.

After spending a year exploring what Enschede student life had to offer me, I joined the DSCC/DJCR 'Audentis et Virtutis' in my second year where I met a great group of friends with whom we get together every week on Tuesday to eat together. This was quickly followed by my membership at the wonderful Heerendispuut Yunophiat where we celebrate Mondays together every week and share our passions and ambitions. I also did several committees here and gained experience in new areas.

Last year, I did the TEDx committee where I held the role of finance and logistics and got in touch with the SU in a different way. After getting my bachelor's degree before the summer, I felt it was time to move into a completely different field than engineering and broaden myself in a more entrepreneurial environment.

For this, the Student Union seemed to me the ideal organisation to achieve this. On the one hand, you are still fully involved in Enschede's student life. On the other hand, you end up in a position where you have to deal with professionals in all kinds of fields and become the point of contact for many employees. Precisely this combination seems to me to be enormously instructive and offers opportunities to expand into completely new worlds.

Do not hesitate to contact me at the above e-mail address with questions and ideas!