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Portfolio holder Finance, Accommodation and Business Management


Harro is responsible for the Student Union’s financial policy and keeps the organisation financially healthy. Therefore, he plays a large role in taking strategic decisions. Quarterly reports and budgets are important, but his say in the university's services such as Strategy & Policy, Financial and Economical Affairs or negotiations with the Executive Board are at least as important. He investigates the financial feasibility of new projects. However, he is not a treasurer, as the Student Union has an accountant at its disposal for those tasks who manages the finances. Furthermore, he has insight and control over the finances of the sectors sports and performing arts.


The Student Union is responsible for managing several student buildings (The Pakkerij, The Bastille and the Water Sports Complex).  The fact that the Bastille was occupied only a few years ago certainly does not mean that nothing needs to be done! There are more projects which can contribute to turning the Bastille into the ultimate student building on campus. The Water Sports Complex and the Pakkerij also deserve attention. Harro is therefore the contact person for the occupants of these buildings so that its users can have a say in their own building. He is also involved in the renovation of the Bastille and its surroundings. 

Business Management

Harros's main duty is to manage the UnionShop, the Atrium and any new parts of the Student Union’s business that may emerge. Business Management increases the level of facilities at the University of Twente. This means that there will be more opportunities for everyone at the University. 

Harro Beens

Study: Applied Physics
Active at: C.S.V. Alpha, Herendispuut 'O Tempora, O Mores'
Comes from: Sappemeer, Groningen, Nederland
Email: h.beens@utwente.nl

In 2017, I settled down in faraway Enschede. Coming from the village of Sappemeer in Groningen, I was surely an exception to choose UT. Although I had made this decision at the last minute, it was precisely the reason I decided to go all out and make the most of my time as a student. It turned out that only that bit of initiative was and still is needed. The UT offers all possible and impossible directions to develop as a student; all you have to do is choose and give it your all!

I myself soon became active in student association C.S.V. Alpha. Here I have been committed to the association for years in fulfilling committees: from pub board to (Christian) education and from galas to the advisory board! Besides the many groups and clubs I am (have been) active in, I also joined the fraternity 'O Tempora, O Mores'. It is a group of fantastic gentlemen and incredibly close friends, where one thing characterizes us: the love for and activism in Enschede's student life!

Meanwhile, my activism in, and enthusiasm for, student life has not diminished and therefore I am always looking for opportunities to give that a new impulse. Of course, I have known Student Union for a long time, be it through De Pakkerij as a ‘sociëteitsbestuurder’, through De Bastille as a student, or through a fellow fraternity member.

I see Student Union as an organisation in which the best of both worlds come together: on the one hand, you are standing in the world of the student and on the other hand, you are standing in the world of the professional employee. At the same time, you don't lose the affinity for what got you so

excited in the first place: being a student. Next year, in my role as a board member of the Student Union, I hope to give back to Enschede’s student life and make a positive impact.

Don't hesitate to approach me with your questions and ideas!