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Portfolio holder Finance, Accommodation and Business Management


Giel is responsible for the Student Union’s financial policy and keeps the organisation financially healthy. Therefore, he plays a large role in taking strategic decisions. Quarterly reports and budgets are important, but his say in the university's services such as Strategy & Policy and Financial and Economical Affairs or negotiations with the Executive Board are at least as important. He investigates the financial feasibility of new projects. However, is not a treasurer, as the Student Union has an accountant at its disposal for those tasks who manages the finances. Furthermore, he has insight and a voice into the finances of the sectors sports and performing arts.


The Student Union is responsible for managing several student buildings (The Pakkerij, The Bastille and the Water Sports Complex).  The fact that the Bastille was occupied only a few years ago certainly doesn't mean that nothing needs to be done! There are more projects that can contribute to turning the Bastille into the ultimate student building on campus. The Water Sports Complex and the Pakkerij also deserve attention. Giel is therefore the contact person for the occupants of these buildings so that its users can have a say in their own building. He is also involved in the renovation of the Bastille and its surroundings. 

Business Management

Giels's main duty is to manage the UnionShop, the Atrium and any new parts of the Student Union’s business that may emerge. Business Management increases the level of facilities at the University of Twente. This means that there will be more opportunities for everyone at the University. 

ABOUT Giel van Weezel

Study: Industrial Engineering and Management, Technical Medicine
Active at:  Audentis, Yunophiat, slot Bommelstein
From: Aalst-Waalre
E-mail: g.j.w.vanweezel@utwente.nl

I started my studies here in Enschede in September 2016. After a gap-year, in which I travelled the world and oriented myself at different universities, I decided I was going to study Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. I thought I already knew everything the world had offer. After arriving in Enschede, my view on the world quickly changed.

During the Kick-In in at the UT I learned that I did not know all possibilities of the student life yet. I was humbled by the enormous amount of activism opportunities the university offers and endorses!

In my first year I learned that I wanted to become one of those active students. I decided to join student association Audentis, I moved to an extremely active student house and I joined the fraternity Yunophiat. This proved to be just the start.

See, activism starts when you become interested in other things besides just studying. How you want to become active is entirely up to you. It starts by joining one of our associations. I did just that, and I quickly became interested in joining committees and offering my skills for my associations.

During the first three years I gradually became a relatively active student. After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Technical Medicine, I decided that for me, Technical Medicine did not offer the future perspective I liked for myself. Therefore, I switched studies and I am now pursuing a Masters’ degree in Industrial Engineering and Management.

My personal ambitions changed over the years. I came here as a student that wanted to help patients. But living the dream in Enschede has learned me to aim for the stars. I switched studies not because I am not interested in helping people, I am now just aiming higher. A career in Health Care Technology Management, the specific Master programme I’m in, allows me to help people at even larger scales in the end.

I am always working on improving myself and securing my goals. I have high ambitions and that’s why I joined the Student Union. When facing tough problems, I double down instead of backing off. I am looking to put this in practice this year. We have an amazing board which will be able to tackle all challenges and allows us to improve the student life for everyone in Enschede. In the end, I want others to enjoy their student life as much as I did.