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President, Portfolio Holder Strategy & Policy, Staff and organisation

As chairman, Bram is the general point of contact for the Student Union. He communicates various ideas and criticisms to the right people. In addition to the chairmanship, he manages the Staff & Organisation and Strategy & Policy portfolios. From the Staff & Organisation portfolio, he works on the continuous improvement of the HR policy of the Student Union Community. Not only does he focus on this policy, he can also be seen as a confidential advisor for every employee, board member or committee member who works within our organisation. In collaboration with our Office Manager, he ensures that the entire Student Union Community can perform the work properly and pleasantly. He is also responsible for the organisational structure of the Student Union.

His main task within the Strategy & Policy portfolio is to translate visions and strategies into decisions that the board makes for long-term policy. In terms of outline, the chairman is familiar with the various management portfolios.

About Bram van Uden

Study: Industrial Engineering and Management
Active at: AEGEE-Enschede, Herendispuut Kadmos
Comes from: Velp (Noord-Brabant)
Email: b.w.vanuden@utwente.nl

With my just obtained VWO diploma in my pocket, a room on campus and full of energy, I began the Kick-In, the start of my student life. What this time, together with my studies in Industrial Engineering and Management, would look like was still a big question for me, but I knew for sure that I wanted to make the most of it. I clearly remember being extremely surprised at the large number of associations and students who committed to their clubs at the Kick-In intro market. This amazement has turned into appreciation over the years, but part of it has certainly remained. The University of Twente offers unique opportunities compared to other universities, from a great campus where living, leisure and studying come together, to having a Student Union!

After having a great start with AEGEE-Enschede's the do-group KADMOS, I decided to join this student union as well. This enrollment marks the start of a lot of cool opportunities that student life in Enschede has to offer. Within AEGEE I did several committees including a dies, the 7th Lustrum, and I like to take care of the music at parties at the pub. I also formed a year club and became a member of Herendispuut KADMOS, a group of close friends with whom I can be found a lot at Asterion, the pub of AEGEE. At the end of my 3rd study year I moved to the center of Enschede, to the Maupertuis. Here I live together with my other KADMOS members and am thus even closer to the active student life that Enschede offers. Besides my study and everything I do around it, I like to listen to music or expand my record collection. In terms of sports, I try to go to the gym twice a week. Hanging out on the couch with my roommates or my girlfriend is definitely part of my spare time as well. I also like to socialize outside with my group of friends from home, on the terrace or in the pub. To introduce up-and-coming students to the vibrant student life of Enschede, I helped organize Enschedays 2022 on behalf of FACT.

Last year I was allowed to represent students in the university council from the DAS party. A great opportunity where I learned a lot about UT and everything that goes on within. This year, as president of the Student Union, I will support and encourage students from a different angle to get the most out of the student time! Because studying is so much 'More than a degree'!