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Portfolio holder External Affairs & Entrepreneurship

External Affairs

The main task of Stef is to maintain all Student Union contacts with the business community. Creating new partnerships is the key task. Partnerships are multiple-year cooperation endeavours with companies. The starting point is to create added value for Union participants, students and the University of Twente’s student entrepreneurs as well as for the company. These added values can be realized directly or indirectly. Direct added value can consist of discounts or training by professional institutions that apply directly to students. Indirect added value consists of funds a company makes available to the Student Union. These funds are then made available to students in the form of sponsorships.

Stef guides the entire process, from the initial idea to signing and maintaining the partnership. He is also responsible for the External Affairs meeting with student associations.


The Student Union is responsible for the policy on Student Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente. In cooperation with the student entrepreneurship coordinator from the Kennispark, Stef facilitates and stimulates student entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship offers students the opportunity to develop themselves and gain experience and is therefore greatly supported by the Student Union, Kennispark Twente and NIKOS. The Student Union is involved with student entrepreneurship because it offers students enormous opportunities and allows them to acquire unique experiences that cannot be learned or developed in any class.

Stef takes stock of the needs of student entrepreneurs. Based on these results he will then take action to realize the appropriate support.

Furthermore, it’s important to coordinate everything with the various organizations involved. These include business clubs, the Kennispark, the Business and Science Park, the Innovation Lab, NIKOS and others. It’s up to Stef to coordinate the services provided to the needs of student entrepreneurs. He is in the centre of it all and is up to date on everything, enabling to make the appropriate match between the needs of student entrepreneurs and the available services.

About Stef Huttinga

Study: Industrial Engineering Management
Active at: Taste, Thoridor
From: Keijenborg
E-mail: s.s.j.huttinga[at]utwente.nl

As a new challenge in my student life, I have chosen to take on a board year at the Student Union. Here I fulfil the task portfolio manager External Affairs & Entrepreneurship.

My activism within the student life has mainly taken place at A.S.V. Taste. Here I have met my sorority and I have joined several committees, like the Kick-In. Besides my activism at the campus, I have also taken on other challenges. For example, I have followed an education to become a teacher and I have done research on established operations in South-Africa.

During my board year, I will mainly dedicate my time to promoting the student life in Enschede, especially the active students, and maintaining our cooperation.