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Portfolio holder Finance, Accommodation, Business Management and Entrepreneurship


Albert-Jan is responsible for the Student Union’s financial policy and keeps the organisation financially healthy. Therefore, he plays a large role in taking strategic decisions. Quarterly reports and budgets are important, but his say in the university's services such as Strategy & Policy and Financial and Economical Affairs or negotiations with the Executive Board are at least as important. He investigates the financial feasibility of new projects. However, is not a treasurer, as the Student Union has an accountant at its disposal for those tasks who manages the finances. Furthermore, he has insight and a voice into the finances of the sectors sports and performing arts.


The Student Union is responsible for managing several student buildings (The Pakkerij, The Bastille and the Water Sports Complex).  The fact that the Bastille was occupied only a few years ago certainly doesn't mean that nothing needs to be done! There are more projects that can contribute to turning the Bastille into the ultimate student building on campus. The Water Sports Complex and the Pakkerij also deserve attention. Albert-Jan is therefore the contact person for the occupants of these buildings so that its users can have a say in their own building. He is also involved in the renovation of the Bastille and its surroundings. 

Business Management

Albert-Jan's main duty is to manage the UnionShop, the Atrium and any new parts of the Student Union’s business that may emerge. Business Management increases the level of facilities at the University of Twente. This means that there will be more opportunities for everyone at the University. 


The Student Union is responsible for the policy on Student Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente. In cooperation with the student entrepreneurship coordinator from the Kennispark, Albert-Jan facilitates and stimulates student entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship offers students the opportunity to develop themselves and gain experience and is therefore greatly supported by the Student Union, Kennispark Twente and NIKOS. The Student Union is involved with student entrepreneurship because it offers students enormous opportunities and allows them to acquire unique experiences that cannot be learned or developed in any class.

Albert-Jan takes stock of the needs of student entrepreneurs. Based on these results he will then take action to realize the appropriate support.

Furthermore, it’s important to coordinate everything with the various organizations involved. These include business clubs, the Kennispark, the Business and Science Park, the Innovation Lab, NIKOS and others. It’s up to Albert-Jan to coordinate the services provided to the needs of student entrepreneurs. He is in the centre of it all and is up to date on everything, enabling to make the appropriate match between the needs of student entrepreneurs and the available services.

About Albert-Jan de Croes

Study: International Business Administration
Active at: Audentis, Stress, Dutch Student Investment Fund
From: Goor
E-mail: a.a.decroes[at]utwente.nl

Hi I’m Albert-Jan de Croes and this year I’ll be fulfilling the positions Finance, Accommodation and Enterprises at the Student Union. Back in 2014, from my bright birthplace called Goor, I’ve decided to study in Enschede. The great entrepreneurial spirit of the university made me choose International Business Administration as study.

Between then and now, I’ve lived the student life to the fullest. After the Kick-In, I’ve become a member of Stress and Audentis and moved to Huize Hoerûhzicht. In February 2016 I wanted to get more than just a degree and joined the first board of the Dutch Student Investment Fund. For one and a half year, I’ve invested in studententrepreneurs from the UT and Saxion to kickstart their startup. 

My next challenge awaits: board member at the Student Union! The renovation of the Atrium was the first step in the master plan to bring new life to the student building on campus: the Bastille. I will build on from here by renovating the old cafe ‘De Stek’ and laying the foundation for a Startup Hub on the second floor. Next to these accommodation projects, I’m planning to digitize our finances and boost the use and functions of the UnionShop. Simply put, a lot of exciting projects this year!